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18 Dec 2014

The menu at G Y Bonga boasts of Gwang Yang Bulgogi, galbi soups, crispy rice, glass noodles, kimchi and the seafoods like phajun. The dishes are traditional and dates back to times unknown since the style of Korean cooking came into being. The Korean food uses a lot of sesame seeds, spring onions and soy.  The Gwang Yang BBQ is famous for authentic Korean meal.

The Korean BBQ Los Angeles Koreatown like G Y Bonga utilizes supreme quality of meat dipped in various kinds of sauce cooked over table top charcoal.  The Korean restaurants in Koreatown Los Angeles are very professional while running their business and have employed servers who provide an equal attention to all their guests.

The best Korean BBQ in Koreatown Los Angeles...

18 Nov 2014
If you are bored of eating the run-of-the-mill food all the time, make a trip to Gwang Yang BBQ. Give your taste bud the right amount of delicious food and pick and choose from dishes like Gwang Yang Bulgogi, Yukhoe Bibimbap, Bulgogi Jeon Gol, Marinated galbi, Galbitang and Naengmyun.

The best Korean BBQ in Koreatown makes use of superior quality of meat and prepares it in a traditional Korean way of cooking food. The Korean BBQ grill restaurant focuses on serving premium food to their guests from around the world. The professional yet friendly attitude of the best Korean BBQ in Koreatown Los Angeles has made them go places.

Gwang Yang BBQ serves its own signature dish like Gwang Yang BBQ which is an exclusively cooked raw beef...